After the incumbent mayor decides not to run for reelection, the field is wide open. From the North, the East, the South, and the West of Pittsburgh, many candidates throw their hats into the ring. And from church basement fish frys to black tie galas, contenders make their way through every one of Pittsburgh’s ninety neighborhoods on the campaign trail. The epic struggle of the last year in municipal politics captivated voters and media alike–and now Pittsburghers can try out their own campaign strategies in board game form!

In Ninety: The Campaign for Mayor of Pittsburgh, a new board game by Adam Shuck and Alex Pazuchanics, with artwork by Tara Helfer and support from the Sprout Fund, players take on a candidate biography (examples include “The Barstool Philosopher,” “The Riverfront Defender,” and “The Heir Apparent”) and traverse the map of Pittsburgh’s ninety neighborhoods: accepting invitations to unique events, canvassing for votes, and mudslinging against their opponents inch candidates closer to achieving victory. On Election Day, the votes are tallied and one candidate is named the new Mayor of Pittsburgh.